for Inmates in Correctional Facilities

 CATAB™ Flexible and Secure Tablet Technology

Phone calls, email, video visitation

• Education & news – Kahn Academy, CNN, etc.

• Grievances, medical scheduling

• Games & music

• Commissary ordering

• Account details


• Inmate handbook

• Medical and haircut scheduling

• Law library

• Once-traditional devices for inmate phone calls, video visitation, and commissary ordering, required a combination of stationary wall-mounted phones, manual order sheets, visitation stations, and kiosks, but, with rapid advancements in secure wireless telecommunications technology - hand-held tablets are quickly replacing these legacy systems in facilities across the country.

• Tablets offer a secure, convenient and inexpensive device for inmates to make phone calls, conduct remote visitation, order commissary items, read books, and check fund balances

• Our tablets are exceptionally rugged, secure, and inexpensive.


Comprehensive & secure

Secure tablet docking/Charging stations

Secure tablet docking/Charging stations