for Inmates in Correctional Facilities

iCATS™ SIMPLIFIED YET VERSATILE Over 300 systems in counties in over 30 states Call processing Full channel recording & monitoring Lan-Wan WI-FI VOIP communications System security Fully featured system Simplified-yet-versatile operation State-of-the-art technology Industry standard UTILIZES WORLD WIDE WEB TECHNOLOGY Call processors include powerful web server Administration GUIs Provides centralized workstations Any pc workstation LAN, WAN, WI-FI, VOIP “STATE-OF-THE-ART” COMPONENTS & SUPPLIERS Microsoft & IBM/Informix Linux Brooktrout & Amtelco Sony, IBM, Maxtor 3com & Adaptec POWERFUL REPORTING Graphical interface for report parameters Informix to MS™ access interface Deliver data, not just reports Currently, 30+ standard reports Customized reports PROGRAMMABLE STATIONS Flexible multilingual voice prompts VARIABLE AND INDEPENDENT CONFIGURATION Called party announcements variable with each station rate quoting